Hey Long Island – Here is why you should strip and wax your floors in the winter!

Here is why you should strip and wax your floors in the winter!




The Long Island winter weather has really taken a toll on our customers floors this season, which is why so many businesses we service have opted to begin striping and waxing now. By having this service performed at the height of the “floor destroying season” we are able to maintain the floors, keeping them protected and looking shiny and vibrant. Once the winter has ended we return to perform a scrub and recoat to keep the floors looking beautiful 365 days a year!

Take a look around – what’s ruining your flooring?


Rock salt and other chemicals used to melt ice in the winter not only act as abrasives when people walk over them, but they also contain compounds that can eat away at the finish on your flooring. Not to mention the gross residue that is left behind and extremely annoying to mop up.


Most towns, especially on Long Island, have their roads sanded not salted. This equals out to sand sticking to EVERYTHING. And unlike salt, sand doesn’t melt, so you are left with a fine abrasive stuck to shoes, boots, strollers, hand trucks and pretty much anything that comes in contact with your floors. SAND = DULL FINISH. Yuck!

-Foot traffic

Everyone that sets foot in your establishment is trekking in dirt, salt and sand. No matter how many mats you put down peoples shoes and boots will always bring in grime from the outside.

-Dirty Water

Ever notice how snow days equal puddles everywhere? what’s in those puddles other than water? Well – dissolved salt, dirt, oil and debris just to name a few.


!!!Do Not Wait Until The Winter Is Over!!!


Extend the longevity of your flooring and save yourself costly replacements by booking your strip and wax service today!