Long Island Floor Care Services

  grout before and afterLong Island Floor Care Services

This is an important message from Metro Cleaning Solution.

We wanted to share a brief understanding on how important Long Island Floor Care Services can be for your facility. Lets face it – Long Island weather conditions are never consistent and always manage to do a number on the floors in your office.  Busy office environments should be mopped daily due to high traffic regardless of floor type.  However, at times they do require a deeper clean. For example, a particular medical building we service in Hauppauge has high traffic.  Tile/Grout floors have coarse tiles and deep grout lines.  Over time these crevices become impacted with dirt regardless of how often you mop. They have exam rooms with a wax finish that get mopped daily but eventually the wax wears and the floors begin to hold grime. For these reasons we suggest strip and waxing for VCT Floor types and Machine Scrubbing for Tile/Grout Floors twice a year. By preforming strip and wax services, the floors will remain sparkling all year round. For the Tile/Grout floors we preform machine scrubbing – getting into all the grout lines – which will prevent buildup and leave the floor looking clean at all times.

When we explain these Long Island Floor Care Services to our clients we compare this process to going to the dentist. You can brush your teeth twice a day, however you still need that professional deep cleaning every six months. It is the same principle. That is why our Hauppauge medical building is thrilled with our work, as well as all of our Long Island Customers. Our method has proven time and time again to be a perfect solution for your floors.

Grout Cleaning
Grout Cleaning and Tiles Scrub
Strip and Waxing Floors
Sebastian does final inspection
Sebastian does final inspection