Long Island Window Cleaning Service

Long Island Window Cleaning by the professionals

Long Island Window Cleaning
Long Island Window Cleaning Service


For Suffolk and Nassau Counties

Metro Cleaning Solution is here for you!

We service Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly Inside and Out! It is very important to have your window cleaning on a schedule. This will ensure the appearance will always be crystal clear.  Our professionals can help you determine all your window cleaning needs. Your windows do not have to be dirty all year. We can help with affordable rates and excellent service.


Why is Window Cleaning important here on Long Island?

#1 reason: Our Weather conditions are never consistent

-Clean Windows allow more light into your home or business

-No more grime, dirt, dust or pollen

-Dirty windows affect the appearance of your property

Do not let your windows become a victim

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Make the right choice contact Metro Cleaning Solution for a free window assessment

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How we service Long Island?


Metro Cleaning Solution uses the highest grade squeegees and professional grade solutions designed for various types of window cleaning applications. Our NEW water filtration system filters out all the minerals and elements from the water leaving your windows sparkling. It gives us the ability to go up to 5 stories from the ground reducing the use of extra equipment. For the customer this means LOWER PRICES. We can even work in direct sunlight so you will not have streaks after they get cleaned. Metro Cleaning Solution can even remove water stains, Lime Scale, Soap Scum, Mineral Deposits, Sap, Tape and Glue. Serving Long Island for over 8 years our goal has always been to satisfy our customers each and every visit.

You can visit one of our key supplier online @ www.ungercleaning.com.

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