Steam Cleaning Is Bad For Carpets!

Its true, Steam Cleaning is bad for your carpets!

Here are the only 2 Reasons you will every need to know…….

Take the advice from us at Metro Cleaning Solution. Be safe in your home and office.

1- MOLD!!!    It leaves your carpet too moist

Mold only requires 8 hours of moisture to start growing. In most weather conditions on Long Island, the pad underneath the carpet stays wet for WAY TO LONG!

2-  STILL DIRTY!!!   Filters dirt from pad up through you carpet

Steam cleaning shoots the steam down to the pad and sucks all that dirt up, filtering it through the carpet. You will end up with dirty carpet/stains over time from the padding. Many people tell us that once they had their carpet steam cleaned they become dirtier over time with little foot traffic.  Heat of professional steam cleaners can melt the backing glue of your carpet causing ripples. Many companies use surfactants which attract dirt(which is great if you get it all out) but it’s hard to get all that chemical out, so you’re left with dirt magnets in your carpet.


Our customers are thankful!

2016’s Newest technology in Low -Moisture Encapsulation

Low-moisture encapsulation is gentle on your carpets, removes stains permanently, and can be done safely as often as needed with no risk of mold or mildew. Because small amounts of water are being used in the process, carpets can be walked on soon after cleaning, reducing wait time. Crystal extract chemistry emits no Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs), so the process is environmentally friendly. As the machine moves across your carpet, its brushes lift the carpet fibers giving way for the cleaning chemistry to reach each fiber and lift the stains leaving the carpet pile looking very clean and refreshed.

The use of low-moisture carpet cleaning systems can increase the performance and appearance, while extending the life of your carpeting.

Did we mention we can remove stains? Here are Before and After pictures so you can see for yourself how effective our cleaning system can be for you.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning