Microfiber Cloths
Traditional commercial janitorial services frequently rely on paper towels as a primary cleaning tool. Aside from massive deforestation, the manufacturing process of paper towels usually involves chlorine, a toxic chemical that releases carcinogenic dioxins and furans.

The Coverall approach uses environmentally compatible microfiber cleaning cloths and flat-mop pads that can be washed and reused up to 500 times, helping to save our forests and reduce environmental impact.

Multi-filtration Vacuums
Indoor air can be worse than the air quality outside. Conventional commercial vacuums are an indoor air quality nightmare as they return a large portion of the dirt they pick up back into the air.

The Coverall approach offers environmentally responsible multi-filtration backpack vacuuming with HEPA to improve indoor air quality by removing germs and allergens.

String Mops vs. Flat-Mop Technology
Water conservation is critical for sustainability, energy conservation and habitat conservation. Conventional janitorial services use string mops and open buckets that waste water because it is an open system where water becomes contaminated and needs to be disposed and refilled, depending on how quickly the water becomes soiled.

The Coverall approach uses a flat-mopping technology with a controlled dispensing system. The cleaning professional releases just enough clean water, plus solution, onto the surface to properly disinfect and remove dirt. Flat-mop technology is a no-dip system where the water and solution is never contaminated, so the entire bucket of water – plus disinfectant solution – is used in full.

Benefits of Health Based Cleaning
Illness-causing germs (such as influenza, H1N1, MRSA and the common cold) are working their way through your office, educational or commercial facility. Coverall understands when it comes to reducing the spread of infection; traditional janitorial cleaning services are not effective. String mops, upright vacuums and cotton rags actually add to the problem of workplace illness by spreading, not reducing, these illness-causing germs.

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Adam and his crew do an awesome job! They keep our office in pristine condition. I appreciate how they pay attention to detail in every area and use hospital-grade disinfectants, microfiber mopping system and HEPA backpack vacuum. As a busy Orthodontic practice, we see many patients, it is important to us to have a clean, sanitized office at all times.

Justin S.
Deer Park, NY, Office Cleaning

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