Long Island Window Cleaning Services

Long Island Window Cleaning is a necessity for general offices, store front, medical offices, call centers, showrooms and all types of housing. Our weather conditions and local traffic can do a number on your windows. Using an expert window cleaning service is important to get the results your require.

Business owners know that how their business is viewed by the public is everything. When a customer looks at the exterior of your building, what impression does it make? What does it say about your business if they are looking at your products through dirty windows.

Metro Cleaing Solution uses the highest grade equipment and chemicals to ensure your windows will look perfectly shinny.  Our expert window washers have years of experience servicing windows in all types of environments, heights and window types.  Metro Cleaning Solution has the ability to wash windows as high has 10 stores tall even with obstructions. The video below demonstrates one of the most powerful window cleaning machines used everyday for our Long Island Window Cleaning customers.

Why Choose Us?

State Of The Art

A unique cleaning system utilizing top of the line water filtration systems. Our water fed poles, and specialized technique’s will leave your windows sparkling free of dirt and grim.

Customized Cleaning

• Workers’ Compensation as required by state law

• Employer’s liability of $1,000,000

• Comprehensive General Liability of $8,000,000

Professional Clean Team

Metro Cleaning Solution has a proven track record in the cleaning industry with countless of happy clients. We are trained and certified in all areas and assure you the best quality of service possible.