Wood Floor Refinishing

Hard Wood Flooring in your home or office is a luxury. It is important to properly protect them from wear and tear for the years to come. Wood Floor Refinishing is a complex process that requires experience and skill.

That is why hiring the right company for this type of work is crucial. Improper sanding or unnecessary sanding can lead to complete destruction of your hardwood floor. Metro Cleaning Solution, has spent years working on innovative ways to restore and maintain wood flooring at an affordable rate.

Wood Floor Results Made Simple

Metro Cleaning Solution will perform a free evaluation of your existing hardwood floor. There are many ways to fix, shine or color your floors without using the tradition agressive sanders of the past. We have designed various options which will be determined based on the evaluation of the wood.

Full Wood Sanding is our LAST RESORT!

If it is not broken, do don’t fix it! Many companies will tell you that its time to Sand and Refinish. More often than less the wood itself does NOT need to be sanded. *Fact: Did you know that most wood types can only be sanded three times in the entire life of the floor? With that said, deep sanding work should ALWAYS be the last resort.


90% of the time your floors will only need a strip and recoat. This is where we remove the old polyurethane and give you a fresh clean start, leaving the wood untouched.

We will reseal the wood and give you 2-3 layers of fresh polyurethane. The benefit to this service is that no layers of wood are being removed. This will increase the life of the wood.

Full Sanding and Refinishing

In our efforts to keep costs low and quality high there are times where full sanding is required. In the cases of water damage, deep scratches, stains, or color changes it may be possible that we would have to sand into the wood.

This is a multiple sanding process from aggressive grits to less aggressive grits. We will completely smooth out all the wood , while removing those imperfection. Lastly, we will seal the wood and apply 2-3 coasts of polyurethane.

Why Choose Us?

Healthy Clean

A unique cleaning program that reduces the spread of illness-causing germs and odors throughout your facility. It is important to find the right company that cares about your places as much as you do.

Customized Cleaning

• Workers’ Compensation as required by state law

• Employer’s liability of $1,000,000

• Comprehensive General Liability of $8,000,000

Professional Clean Team

Metro Cleaning Solution has a proven track record in the cleaning industry with countless of happy clients. We are trained and certified in all areas and assure you the best quality of service possible.

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